It’s taken a licking

About 15 years ago the late designer/artist Rex Ray collaborated with Timbuk2 and a San Francisco art gallery to create a limited edition messenger bag. It was done as a fundraiser to support arts in the SF public schools. This is one of those bags. I’ve carried it for all these years, hauling it almost everyday, wherever I go. And all these years I’ve seen other bags that I think I might want once this one falls apart. But this one just won’t quit. So I keep throwing it over my shoulder, almost without notice, taking fully for granted its rugged endurance.

But now I think, what else do I own that has survived 15 years of daily use and has never failed to do its job? Nothing comes easily to mind. 

Without much intention this bag has become very much one of my most dependable and most used tools.  So here’s to you, my Timbuk2, you have more than earned my respect and gratitude. 


Timbuk2 messenger bag, Circa 2005?


After several years of shop use it is finally time to retire these shoes. They  did their job and did it well.  That’s all I can ask. 


 Inov8 shoes. 

A Monday in April

It begins with a long but green Spring drive to Carmel-by-the-Sea to install a sculpture.  Returning north I stop at the Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Once a military training area, including several firing ranges, it’s now a great vantage point to contemplate how expansive the Monterey Bay really is. And to remember that this was once a firing range!


The drive back continues along Highway 101, the King’s Highway, El Camino Real.  North of Monterey is the old mission, San Juan Bautista.  Just outside of the town, right along the highway is this remnant of an old original adobe wall and marker, just there, as if it’s any bit of normal roadside wall. 



And from there the journey through time concluded with a stop at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. And how perfectly fitting to stand in the warmth of the sculpture garden and take in the refrigerated Snowman by the art duo, Fischli and Weiss.