E. Stewart Williams, Architect


The above photo is a detail from Williams's concept drawing for his design for the Palm Springs Art Museum.  His design, from 1970, was ultimately built and still exists today. The exterior is a wonderful, notable design that looks like none other.  And more crucially, it works great as a museum. The galleries are bright with natural light and while they are not your usual room after room after room the spaces flow and the art is the centerpiece. 

But the reason for my posting of this photo detail?...the man could draw!  The leaves, the coats, the mountains in the background. The texture of the building's walls.  And he did this for every project.  So jealous.  A beautiful hand to sell his amazing ideas. 

And the other important thing I noticed - his building took up less than half the drawing.  He understood, especially with this important civic project, that how his building fit into the environment and the community was equal to the building itself.  

This drawing was part of an exhibit of his work (which was built all around Palm Springs and helped create and define the classic mid-century desert modern style) currently on display at the Museum's new Architecture and Design Center that recently opened near the original museum.