Meanwhile, somewhere in California...   

                                                               ...ideas are being born and built.

Born And Built is a little company long experienced in the design and fabrication of a remarkable variety of custom furnishings. 

Recognizing that the client's happiness is the primary goal, we offer design services that thrive on interaction and collaboration to execute projects that help make spaces personal and notable.

We are small enough to provide attention to every detail and nimble enough to handle most any idea. And we are never afraid to get our hands dirty.

Together, Airen and Chris Faiss are continuously encountering the ranging beauty and endless curiosities in this state's great multitude of environments: urban and deserted, natural and invented. It is inevitable that this land of everything bears creative fruit in their partnership in both design and life.

From their home and workplace in Vallejo, they collaborate to design and build furnishings of every sort. They also maintain a pair of Pomeranians.