Born in California, Built in California



Furniture Design + Fabrication

Every design, no matter how small, requires a lot of decisions. Chris and Airen often stand side-by-side at the desk or work table noodling and debating and fussing.  Please see the "Portfolio" section at the top of this page for images showcasing a number of projects that made it from concept to completion.


Art Installation

Way back when, the initial practice of this business was installing artwork, a curious niche to be sure.  Working with museums, galleries, interior designers, etc. Chris's eye was honed in creating interesting and balanced layouts, all the while his brain was being trained in the technical methods of how to actually make it happen. Continuing in the field, he works on anything from a single object to arrangements for an entire house.


Interior Design

Years of working with firms in the interior design world has given Airen a knowledge of its myriad complicated processes and her passionate memory has given her a vast mental catalogue of ideas from which to draw.  Her eye is for curious and pretty things, her method is high-low and her insistence is on things done right.  Feel free to contact her to find out more about how she can help make a place yours.